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Technology Troubleshooting

Having technology issues? Click here for some steps to try before you submit a ticket!

I see a blue screen, what should I do?

A blue screen can mean a variety of different things. A random blue screen every so often might be simply a fluke. However, if you are getting more than one blue screen a week, we need to take a look at your computer. Many times, there is information on the blue screen itself that may help us fig...

First step to fixing a system? Reboot!

Anytime you have  any issue with your computer, your first step should be to reboot your computer. Make sure that you restart and not shutdown. To perform a complete restart, follow the following steps! Click the start button (Windows 10)-Click the power button, and then click restart / (Windows ...

What to do when your Promethean board stops working

If your Promethean board in your room stops working, it can be incredibly frustrating. Before you create a ticket, here are some things you can try to see if you can get it working! Perform a full reboot of your computer Make sure all of your cables are plugged in at the back of your computer P...

How do I get toner/ink for my printer?

In order to get toner or ink for your printer, you'll need to perform the following steps: Office Printers (Not copiers) Call 3-N-1 at 903-793-1997 Tell them the model number of your printer (Eg. HP Laserjet 3015) Ask him to send you a quote in your email Turn in the quote and a purchase reques...

My attendance page is all jumbled

If your grade book's attendance page looks wrong, try adjusting the zoom by holding the Ctrl button and pressing + or - to zoom in and out!

How do I get a microphone, speakers, etc. for an assembly?

It's easy! Fill out a ticket that details the following info: Where you want the speakers and mic set up What day and time When we should pick up the equipment Please note!  If you do not fill out the request at least 3 school days in advance, we may not be able to accommodate your request!

I'm locked out of my grade book! What do I do?

It happens to us all! If your grade book says that your account has been locked, put in a ticket, and your account will be placed in "reset" mode. What that means is that on the grade book login page, you must click "Forgot Password?" It will then walk you through resetting your password and pin....