How do I get toner/ink for my printer?

In order to get toner or ink for your printer, you'll need to perform the following steps:

Office Printers (Not copiers)

  1. Call 3-N-1 at 903-793-1997
  2. Tell them the model number of your printer (Eg. HP Laserjet 3015)
  3. Ask him to send you a quote in your email
  4. Turn in the quote and a purchase request to your campus office
  5. After receiving the completed purchase order, either email or call 3-N-1 again with your purchase order and quote numbers.
  6. When the ink or toner arrives, follow the standard steps for turning in your purchase information to your campus office


  1. Before ordering toner, make sure there are none available anywhere on your campus  AND that nobody has already called and ordered more toner.
  2. Make a note of the equipment number on front of the copier
  3. Call Vanco at (903) 794-1013
  4. Let them know the campus, equipment number, and any other info that they need
  5. The toner will be shipped to use within a couple of days

Student Printers
1. Turn in a work order that includes the location and model number of the printer

Personal Printers
1. We do not purchase toner or ink for personally owned devices.